Thursday, February 16, 2012

Vijayawada political story-2

"A great city is that which has the greatest men and women."
Yes then Vijayawada qualifies to be one! Then what has crept into the great city? The story-1 has risen the curtain for you!
“The concept of Casteism would be over in a few years. India is a secular country from now on” – in 1950 some people thought the same. But instead the casteism grew! Like helps the like! Everybody loves his caste. Even if it leads to bloodshed! Even if we rob a few generations of infra-structural development! My major reader-bank doesn’t know what vote-banks can do! Yes friends, as you read this here, there is your own MLA counting the number of people of different castes in your locality to prepare plans accordingly.

What has ruined the peace of Vijayawada? A city that was the second developed in the Madras state before Seemandhra got bifurcated from Madras State and merged with Telangana to form Andhra Pradesh. During the early days we produced politicians like Pucchalapalli Sundarayya who rode to the parliament on a bicycle daily. The first MP of Vijayawada was an Independent, the brother of Sarojini Naidu, Harindranath Chattopadyay, a Bengali!

But what has pushed the city I love most into the claws of rowdies? The identity crisis! The congress was ruling, ruling and ruling the state. CPI and CPM got separated in 1969 as google says. But what has that led to? The death of Marxism in india and the birth of rowdyism in Vijayawada.

Chalasani Venkataratnam was the communist leader who had some influence over the settlements going on in the state or at least in the city at that time. He was known to be a land lord and had ruled the Automobile Industry. Then entered Vangaveeti Radha Krishna (the elder brother of late V.M.Ranga) who joined Chalasani’s group! The collapse of the city started there. Students started involving. Radha founded the student’s organization UI (united independents). The plant realized that it cannot grow in the shadow of the tree. Chalasani was soon murdered.

Radha turned into a great leader. Devineni brothers, the people who are believed to have won the war (as of now) were under Radha’s umbrella then. The community of Devineni Nehru tries to hide this fact but it is true. They have started earning by doing settlements! Not just settlements they went for collections! Remember your childhood movies? They place a knife on the table and the shop-keeper pays the rowdy. That is how collections were made. The congress had one of its major vote-bank as Radha’s community who lead the population charts. Radha was growing fast. If you leave him alone he’d be a minister in few years. No one had the guts to question the Radha’s army. It behaved as it wished. Cash as much as you wish and the girl who you’d like to kiss, both were the fundamental rights of Radha gang.

The Devineni Brothers were watching all this behind them. They too wanted their own kingdom. A kingdom that would threaten a common man! A kingdom that would establish their community as the supreme power of the region! They started operating individually from Gunadala, a part of Vijayawada which they had strong hold on. They Established USO(united students organization). Devineni Gandhi and Murali(Nehru’s elder and younger brothers respectively) were its leaders.

What caused them to form their own gang? What led to Radha’s death? Which politician gave the USO strength? What was the assurance he gave them? Why did the Devineni brothers die mysteriously? What made Vangaveeti Mohana Ranga a state leader? Why was Ranga murdered? Is there the hand of the strong politician behind it? What happened to the followers of Ranga? With Vangaveeti radha Krishna jr ( Son of Ranga) emerging as a leader have the followers re-united? Why did Vangaveeti Ratna kumari(wife of Ranga) become Chennupati Ratna Kumari after Ranga’s death? Why did Ratnakumari contest against her own son, Radhakrishna in 2004 elections? What is Devineni Nehru’s plan behind drafting in the student rowdy groups back again?

Are Devineni Avinash (son of Nehru) and Radha jr going to start it all? Who is Vallabaneni Vamsi Mohan? Why is he fighting with Nehru? What were the police doing all these years? Why was the person who kicked the rowdy sheeters left and right, Mr.KS.Vyas IPS shot down at point blank range in secunderbad? Is NTR a God? Who lit the fire? What is the future? Will the city forget all this and live a peaceful life? How was Vijayawada during Chandra Babu's and YSR's rule? When will we find solution to Ayesha meeras case? Who killed the 9th class girl Nagasree? What has Devineni Bhaji Prasad (Nehru’s another brother) got to do with different cases? Why was Chalsani Pandu murdered recently? How could Malladi Vishnu (the right hand of Ranga and the current Vijayawada central MLA) win over RadhaKrishna in 2009 elections? Katragadda Babu vs Vangaveeti Santhan. Why did they try to gun down each other? Is the gun culture slowly moving to Vijayawada? Finally which student group did Ram Gopal varma associate himself with during his engineering days in Vijayawada? Was Lagadapati Rajagopal, Varma’s MP-friend a Rowdy? These are many questions that a common man in Vijayawada has got. Even Rajni Kanth Can’t answer them! Many of the questions have common answers. Not many know the answers. The people who know keep quiet for they fear their lives. The biased media never shows! With all these questions I leave you for the next post.


  1. Dear Koti,

    I think you are half-knowledged, but a good writer. Don't think that I'm blaming you. But you are not correct to maximum extent. Share only if you are thorough

    1. better correct if you know! otherwise never comment others wrong

  2. its time for all of us AS TIGER RANGA FANS to unite and ensure that SRI KRISHNA DEVARAYA RAJYAM - RANGA IDEOLOGY must FLOURISH AGAIN in the TELUGU LAND and assure SOCIAL - RESPECT for the people of SOCIALLY BACKWARD and SAVE TELUGU PRIDE.

  3. it is the high time and need of the hour is VANGAVEETI RADHA KRISHNA garu has to walk in the path of TIGER RANGA to establish the VIJAYANAGARA RAJYAM in the land of TELUGU.

  4. Dear koti you didn't even know the Greatness of V.M.Ranga..He is God for all of us..may b u seems to b a half knowledged fellow.........!!